The Plan of the Month is an official document of DEALEY Division and Training Ship MACINTYRE. Its contents reflect current orders of the Commanding Officer and official unit announcements. All Division personnel are responsible for reading and understanding the information contained herein. Parents and guardians of Cadets are encouraged to read the Plan of the Month and to make note of meeting days and special announcements that may affect personal schedules.



CAPT Philip Alan Gerard, USN (Ret)


Mr. Rob O’Brien.
Executive Officer

Drill Dates:

3, 10 and 17 DEC 2018

Drill Hours:

Mondays, 1900-2100 (Cadets must report aboard by 1845. Staff reports at 1830)

Uniform of the Day

3 December

Sea/League Cadet:

NWU (authorized)

NSCC: Dress Blue

10 December

Sea/League Cadet:

NWU (authorized)

NLCC: Winter Dress

17 December

Sea/League Cadet:

Dress Blue/Winter Dress

Officer/Chief: Dress Blue
alt. Service Khaki





1830 – Officers Call

1845 – Cadets report aboard
1900 – Opening Quarters / Colors

1910 – ALPHA Training Period

2000 – Break

2010 – BRAVO Training Period

2045 – Secure from Training

2050 – Final Quarters

2100 – Secure from Drill

2101 – Sweepers

2110 – Petty Officer Reports

2120 – Secure Building





Monday 3 Dec


Bring PT gear if you need to complete a PRT. Academic training and exams.

Monday 10 Dec


Bring PT gear if you need to complete a PRT. Academic training and exams.

Monday 17 Dec

Holiday Party

Stamford Senior Center at the Government Center, 2nd floor.

Monday 24 Dec


Happy Holidays

Monday 31 Dec


Happy New Year



1.  DECEMBER SCHEDULE. There are only 3 drills in December as we will take time off to enjoy the holidays and school break. We will have our annual Holiday Party on 17 December at the Stamford Government Center. Our focus for the month will be to complete correspondence courses and take advancement exams for promotions. Have your Dress Blue / Winter Dress uniform inspection ready for the Holiday Party. We will also catch up on any cadet that needs to complete a PRT.

2.  WINTER TRAINING. We will continue to process winter training requests. If you haven’t signed up do so immediately.


1.  ADVANCEMENT. Many of you have advanced with completion of summer training. Some of you have finished summer training but need to finish a correspondence course and/or exam to advance. Please see the training officer to complete.

2.  PHYSICAL FITNESS. Always bring your PT gear if you need one as it is required to advance and to attend training. The PRT consists of a 1-mile run, push-ups, and sit-ups (1 min).

3.  ATTENDANCE – Attendance will be reviewed quarterly instead of annually. NSCC Regulations state that you must attend 75% of all scheduled drills. If you do not meet this minimum standard, you could be discharged from the program.

4.  CORRESPONDENCE COURSES –You are required to complete at least one course per year.  See the Training Officer for more information. All assignments can be found on the Sea Cadet homeport. All Cadets are required to turn in at least one (1) coursework assignment per month. Cadets who have completed Recruit Training will not advance to SA until the BMR is complete.

5.  INCREASE YOUR KNOWLEDGE - Find out everything you wanted to know about the U. S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps on the NSCC Online Portal:

6.  ENROLLMENT FEES - The cost of re-enrollment for 2018 is $90.00 for all cadets. If you are coming up on your re-enrollment date, please ensure you coordinate with the Admin Officer. Expect an increase in dues in 2019.

7.  ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT RIBBON – Do not forget to bring in a copy of your report cards for Division Officer Review and awarding of the Academic Achievement Ribbon. The award of this ribbon has been extended to NLCC Cadets as well.

8.  MAKE-UP DRILL – We will try and accommodate make-up drills.  Please make every effort to attend regularly scheduled drill meetings in order to avoid poor attendance.



1.  Headquarters is in the process of re-running criminal background checks on currently-enrolled adults. You will be asked to consent to a background check when logging into the Members Portal or Magellan if not already done.

2.  All staff members, are encouraged to attend Officer Professional Development (OPD) courses and complete the Officer Midshipman Study Guide (OMSG). The OMSG is required for all Instructors. OPD and OMSG is required for all Officers. See the training officer for access.

3.  All volunteers are required complete the Darkness 2 Light training annually. Please go to the member portal to complete.